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Board of Trustees
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George W. Lehr Memorial Speakers Chair
Press Releases
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Mr. Herbert M. Kohn        Kansas City, MO
Treasurer, Board of Trustees
Mr. Mike Stewart   Saint Charles, MO
Secretary, Board of Trustees
Mr. Elton W. Fay   Columbia, MO
Mr. Ralph G. Biele   Jefferson City, MO
Mr. Tom D. Harmon   Clearwater, FL
Col. William R. "Rusty" Jones   South Riding, VA
Mr. Mike Plunkett   Overland Park, KS
Dr. Mark A. Stacy   Durham, NC
Trustee Emeritus (non-voting)
Mr. Norman Fretwell   Kansas City, MO
Administration (non-voting)
Assistant Secretary    
Mrs. Bettie Rusher   Warrensburg, MO
Mr. Ryan L. Hendrickson   St. Louis, MO


Missouri Boys State Memorial Trust
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